What is the difference between balayage, foilayage, and teasylights?

Basically, these are all just different techniques used to achieve a similar look.  "Lived-in" hair is very trendy right now, as it gives women stylish looking hair without all the upkeep of standard highlights.  You show me some inspiration photos of what you'd like your hair to look like, and I'll choose which technique or combination of techniques is best for you based on your current color, goal color, hair condition, and hair history!

I've been getting highlights for a long time, but I'm tired of all the upkeep!  How can I transition into a more low maintenance style without it looking like a mess?

Shadow roots are a saving grace in the hair world right now!  By putting either a semi-permanent or permanent root color on your hair and combing it down through your grown out highlights, it will soften the line of demarcation and allow you more time between visits!

What is B3?

Brazilian Bond Builder (aka B3) is a treatment that I use in all lightening services to help repair and maintain the health and integrity of the hair.  it gets mixed into your color or lightener so there is no extra processing time!

What do you mean by "all listed prices are starting prices"?

The prices listed on this website are based on the amount of product and time it takes to perform the service on an average head of hair.  Women with very thick hair or who want a more dramatic result will require more product and/or time to achieve their desired result.  A charge of $10/extra bowl of color and/or $10/extra 30 minutes will be added on to the listed starting price.  If you are concerned about pricing or have a specific budget you would like to stick to, please notify me at the beginning of your appointment and we will do everything we can to stay within that budget while also keeping your hair in the best condition possible!

How long do you recommend between services?

The answer to this question depends on a lot of different variables, such as how fast your hair grows, you schedule, your budget, and your overall goals.  Typically, I recommend:

Haircut: 6-8 weeks if you're maintaining current length; 12-16 if you're growing your hair out

Root retouch: 6-8 weeks (both color and bleach)

Balayage, Teasylights, Foilayage: 6-8 weeks for a refresh on your color gloss and/or shadow root; 3 months for a partial retouch; 6-12 months full retouch (depends on rate of hair growth and desired look)

Standard Highlight: 8 weeks without a shadow root; 12 weeks with a shadow root

I have absolutely no idea what to book!  What should I do?!


You can set up a free consultation if you'd like!  Or, you can choose from the following options on our online booking system:

Booking Option 1: I know I want my roots retouched, or I need my shadow root and/or color gloss freshened up. I may possibly want a cut or a trim with my color service. 

Booking Option 2: I want some sort of highlight; maybe a partial, or maybe a root retouch with a mini highlight.  Or I got a balayage 3-6 months ago and want it freshened up a bit.  I may possibly want a cut or a trim with my color service.

Booking option 3: I want to be blonde(r)! Whatever you have to do to get me there, let's do it!  I may possibly want a cut or trim with my color service.

Booking Option 4: I am a hot mess and I need your help!  Or I want some sort of fun creative color in my hair!  I may possibly want a trim with my color service.

Any other questions not addressed here, please feel free to call (860) 287-6327, or e-mail bosshairct@gmail.com